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Door Focus Naar Flow


You are at the right place if you:

  • Are looking for more life-energy
  • Want more calmness and balance and overview about your life
  • Would like to swim with the flow of life instead of always seemingly into the current
  • Want to have more clarity about why the things in your body, mind or life are not going as easy and smooth as you would like them to go

This is the process I guide people in.

To redirect these things, it is essential to experience the bigger picture and the deeper layer that is underneath. Almost everybody calms down quickly when the bigger perspective becomes clear. Can exhale again and feel the balance return. Every doctor, therapist and coach recognises that and probably you in your life as well from situations in your work, personal relationships or maybe parenthood. When you are in the middle of things they lead to restlessness, tension and stress, when you know where it comes from and how it fits into the bigger picture, that resolves often almost instantly.

With experiencing the deeper layer and the bigger picture I don’t mean just ‘seeing’ and understanding. It is mostly about feeling and ‘knowing’. That’s why I often work ‘around’ the rational mind in the process of rediscovering balance and direction in life and often things already landed in you before the insight itself appears.

BEAM stands for Body, Energy And Mind

Every athlete knows that their energy level is the driving force behind their achievements. Physically, but definitely also mentally. If a top athlete is physically in top shape, but at the same time mentally burned-out, he won’t be able to achieve anything.

The same applies to daily life. Your physical and mental energy are the driving forces if you want to achieve something in life and want to be happy.

How to raise your energy to the highest level, is something we hardly ever learn in our upbringing or education. Most people do have an idea how to become physically fit and healthy, when it comes to raise their mental energy, it often is less clear. Here is where the biggest challenge nowadays is though, based on the statistics about sick leave, stress and burn-outs.

The BEAM approach focusses on how to optimise the energy balance in your life. Body and mind are gateways to achieve that and the pillars under what you are able to do and how you feel. They can form a strong basis that strengthens and supports your energy balance, or bring you out of balance and weaken you. Which one it is, is up to you.

My name is Roel

We all have moments or periods that things don’t ‘flow’. There is nothing wrong with that and it helps you to develop to become a more complete human being and brings you life experience.

Sometimes we get stuck though. Do we lose the focus where to go and how to proceed and do you need a little guidance and help towards the right direction. It would be my pleasure to help you to get the flow back into your life.

On this website you will find what flow is, what it is that I do, the sessions and rates and who I am. Also you can find here more information about working with your energy level and practical tools to directly experience it yourself!

Back on track!

Find the joy in life again that you had as a young child by doing what you are supposed to do in this life.

Find out what really drives you and prevents you from living a life that is vibrant with energy.
A life that resonates with you, so that you can live it with energy and productivity.

By putting the focus in the right direction, flow emerges automatically! We can work on that with one-on-one coaching sessions or with my course Get into your energy.

Curious about what I can do for you? Send me a message and we will both look if there is a match and what I can do for you.
Perhaps see you soon!