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Door Focus Naar Flow


If things don’t flow in your life and you are everywhere but ‘in the zone’, you sometimes need a fresh and clear view. Especially in our busy and high-demanding lives, it’s easy to lose the clear view over your life. I love to help you back on track.

To (re)find your flow and restore your energy balance, it is important to gain clarity over what you want and what you run into in that process. What deeply makes you happy and what costs you energy and what costs you energy and doesn’t belong to your natural path. Often it is less obvious than it seems, otherwise you would probably have found the solution yourself already. If we have clarity on your path and obstacles, we start looking at how to work with them so that through clear focus, your will find your flow again. You will find passion and energy, which will help you to devellop yourself and become mentally stronger.

On this page you will find practical information about the coaching sessions.

I work with people that want to get ahead in life and want to develop themselves. People that are looking for some direction or run into concrete things and are willing to look at themselves for the solution. People that aren’t satisfied with ‘average’ in life and want to look beyond work and consuming. People that have a positive view in life and believe that it is possible to create your own happiness and life instead of being at mercy of the circumstances. Anybody that recognises themselves in this is more than welcome for an intake.

Coaching sessions are around 60 to 75 minutes. The exact length isn’t predictable in advance because it is dependent on what is needed at that moment. The sessions are in the south part of Amsterdam at the Van Breestraat.

The fee for a coaching session is €117,- (incl. VAT/BTW). For people that start with coaching this might seem a big investment. And it is. Compared to what it can bring you and the impact it can have on your quality of life and personal development, the investment becomes pretty small.

For sessions of balancing your energy (also often called healing), I charge €69,- (incl. BTW) and these are around 45 minutes.

If you want to have an idea of what it can do for you: check the testimonials.

Unfortunately I cannot help everybody. Most of the times I can quickly tell if I can help you. Nowadays I don’t do a seperate intake anymore and directly plan a first session. If after that you of I don’t feel that I am the person that can best help you to reach your goal, the session is free of charge. If it is the case that there is a match, you directly had your first session. In this way you have the opportunity to feel if my approach suits you.

Sessions are always one-on-one and everybody has an individual trajectory. For every individual there is custom made guidance and I don’t work with fixed protocols. Every session will be focused on what is most important in that specific moment.

The goal of each session is to make your world ‘right’ again. Just understanding what I explain to you is not enough for me. It has reach you in your core, resonate with who you are and what you feel and make you intuitively ‘know’ that we found the solutions that are best for you. It’s a fascinating process that leads to ‘aha-experiences’ and mostly quick results.

The BEAM method

In my sessions I use a lot of different tools and methods and every time again I chose what is for that moment the most effective thing I have to offer. What I am going to do I never know in advance and will become clear when we start working. Nothing is (of course) done without consulting with you first.

BEAM is short for Body, Energy And Mind, and these aspects are central in my approach. Often an important part of the session is about coaching. Here we together have a look where you run into in life and how to deal with that. In this process I mainly let you discover your own answers. Often you cannot access what you intuitively already know because ratio is blocking it. In our session I listen to your story, but mainly also read what’s behind it and in this way we get to the answers quicker.

To make sure your whole system will understand and it ‘lands’, I also use approaches as meditation (which deepens your awareness and clears your focus) and physical treatments. Next to the thousands of hours of meditation experience, you can find at www.meditatie.amsterdam what i offer as meditation trainer. When it comes to physical treatments, I can rest on more than twenty years of experience as a phsyio an manual therapist and the many courses I did since then. Those elaborate beyond the mechanical aspect and I don’t just treat blockages in muscles, tendons and joints. Also the places where energy is stored can give problems and are treatable. I combine techniques from western and eastern medicine. Some call it healing, I prefer to call it rebalancing of the energy in the body and getting rid of energy blocks. It doens’t mean that all your troubles disappear by doing that. It does make it easier to get passed the obstacles you experience in your life and to the changes that you want to make. Working directly with energy also is more concrete than it might seem at first for many people. About how concrete and normal working with energy is, you can read more on this page:

If you still have questions about my approach or you want to make an appointment, scroll down and send me a message!


Francesca (25) from Zurich


“Thanks to Roel’s teachings, I have been able to explore different sides of myself (and of the world) that were still unknown to me. He has been a great teacher for me, one that was able to show me what I was ready for (and needed) and that is one of the best gifts someone can ever give you.”

Simone (24) from Zurich


“Getting to know Roel was for me getting to know myself better. He guided me into a journey towards a more conscious life and had the ability to make things accessible for me, teaching it with my words and answering my questions fully, sometimes without even talking.”

Jessica (31) from Amsterdam

Commercial real estate

“Roel is able to let you see things about yourself you are not aware of yet and provides you with clear insights which also afterwards make things fall into place for you.”

Saskia (40) from Amsterdam

Executive Creative Director

“Roel directly knew how to connect with me on a deeper level, which gave me insights that I couldn’t reach before that”

Jamie (29) from Amsterdam

Lifecoach & author

“I don’t know anybody that can tune in to you this way and get to information he cannot really know. His words are spot on time after time again and lead every time again to a more positive outcome. Very special.”

Stijn (27) from The Hague


“When I got stuck in life and had a hard time to find clarity within me and the situation, Roel helped me with his unique approach to regain this information and my truth so my energy got running again.”

Dion (19) from Budel

Student software development

“Roel helped me to get ahead where others couldn’t help me anymore and without that, I would probably still be stuck”

Florine (29) from Amsterdam

HR Professional

“Roel helped me to get rid of my back problems that were there for many years and learned me how to recognise the signals of my body more quickly. Because of this my body is less in the way and even helps me. With Roels coachings I gained more trust in my sharp inner sense and he still helps me with how to use this as my strength even more.”

Kim (53) from Amsterdam

“Already after the first treatment with energy, I entered a strong process of waking up and felt it works really well for me. Thank you Roel!!”

Irma (35) from Amsterdam


“Every time again I feel at home when I am on his treatment table and there is always a pleasant energy. What I like is that Roel looks beyond the physical symptoms of the problem and he approaches my problems from a more holistic perspective.”

Maurice (43) from Amsterdam

Project developer

“After every session I feel calmer, lighter and with more energy.”

Paris (28) from Amsterdam

Operations manager

“Roel coached me through some big life decisions and for the first time I feel I’ve made them with clarity, and without my head leading the way. I feel reconnected, grounded and excited for the journey ahead.”

Julia (19) from Amsterdam

Medical student

“After a rough year I lost all my flow and had a little to no self-esteem anymore. Roel gave that back to me and helped me to find peace of mind again.”

Petra (57) from Amsterdam

Real estate manager

“After an accident I lost the sense of direction in my life, but with a few sessions Roel restored the feeling of control again and helped me to get my life back on track quickly”

BEAM Coaching is to-the-point, focusing and clarifying

If you are looking for a direct and concrete approach to where and why things are not ‘flowing’ in your life and you lost direction, you are in the right place. I would love to help you to make your life clear and ‘right’ again so the energy can flow freely. That obstacles, physical problems, fatigue or stress disappear and clarity, energy and flow emerge.

In this process you learn to recognise when your energy isn’t optimal and how to turn that around yourself. This way you gain control over your life and how you feel. Happiness, relaxation, energy and productivity will come from within again and you will be less dependent on other people or outer circumstances for it.

Curious what I can do for you? Book your appointment now!