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Door Focus Naar Flow


Before the experiences of some of the beautiful people I had the priveledge to work with, I want to share the recommendation in the blogpost I was mentioned in by Caressa:

Francesca (25) from Zurich


Thanks to Roel’s teachings, I have been able to explore different sides of myself (and of the world) that were still unknown to me.

He will probably shake his head when he reads this and he doesn’t like to call himself a teacher, but he has been definitely a great one for me. He was able to teach me and show me what I was ready for (and need) during my stay in Amsterdam and that is one of the best gifts someone can ever give you. Thank you Roel!

Simone (24) from Zurich


Getting to know Roel was for me getting to know myself better. He was not just a new very interesting person or colleague I met, he was more like a teacher. He guided me into a journey towards a more conscious life. I am very grateful I met him, especially since my previous attempts with meditation worked out quite badly.

He had the ability to make things accessible for me, teaching it with my words and answering my questions fully, sometimes without even talking. I think guiding someone to a higher level of consciousness is the best present someone can give.

Jessica (31) from Amsterdam

Commercial real estate

The moment I met Roel, I was close to being in a burn-out. Roel is able to let you see things about yourself you are not aware of yet and provides you with clear insights which also afterwards make things fall into place for you.

His meditations and treatment with energy provided me with more inner peace. A new path, thanks for this.

Saskia (40) from Amsterdam

Executive Creative Director

Roel directly knew how to connect with me on a deeper level, which gave me insights that I couldn’t reach before that.

Roel works fast, efficient and direct. Within a very short time I found solutions and tools that helped me recover and heal quicker. Next to all of that, Roel is a very pleasant and empathic person to work with, which is always nice!

Jamie (29) from Amsterdam

Lifecoach & author

Roel is super in what he does, He makes you feel at ease and senses exactly what you need. He is super clear and in my eyes unique in this. I know no one that tunes into you this way and accesses information he cannot really know, very special. De calmness and ease that Roel has makes that you feel even more comfortable.

His clarity makes that time after time again, I can see things from a different perspective and therefore become able to oversee the situation I am in better. This leads time after time again to a positive result. His words hit home every time again. Thanks Roel! You are great and it is wonderful to see that you make so many people shine. You are a unique addition to my life and that of others.

Stijn (27) from The Hague


Roel helps me to gain clarity in what for me is a grey area and can’t get to the ‘truth’ myself. He gives me a push in the right direction by information or advice, so that I get the answers that brings the flow back into my life in different areas.

I met Roel when I was pretty stuck and had trouble to find clarity, direction and myself in the situation I was in. With his unique approach Roel gave me the information and truth back which made the engine run again. I had several very special encounters, sessions and I feel a lot of gratitude for his unconditional help!

Dion (19) from Budel

Student software development

I want to thank Roel a lot for all he did for me and all the questions he answered about the things that I ran into. He helped me to get ahead where others couldn’t help me anymore. Without that, I would probably still be stuck. It gave me new insight and a new part of my life and for that I am very grateful.

Florine (29) from Amsterdam

HR Professional

After Roel helped me by treatments with energy to get rid of the back pain that I had for years, he learned me to recognise the signals of my body quicker. Because he helped me to interpret these signals, my body is less in the way and actually a helper. With Roels coachings I gained more trust in my sharp feeling ability and he still helps me how to use this in my benefit even more. With his enormous clear insight and sharp analytical skills, Roel has the ability to guide you on your path in a gentle and respectful way. He helps me tremendously and I am very grateful for that.

Everybody that has physical problems, runs into hard situations in e.g. work or relationships, or deals with major life questions and seeks help from someone that helps you in a supportive way, I advise to get in touch with Roel!

Kim (53) from Amsterdam

After Roel gave me a treatment with energy, I entered a strong process of waking up. Man, what did I get a lot of insights about how emotions enter, like negativity and anger, and how I position myself and behave towards the world around me. even after one session I felt this works really well for me.

Thank you Roel!!

Irma (35) from Amsterdam


I have known Roel for some years now as a colleague and a person where I go to for treatment if I have a problem. Every time again I feel at home when I am on his treatment table and there’s always a pleasant energy.

What I like is that Roel looks beyond the physical symptoms of the problem and he approaches my problems from a more total perspective. This way he always know to get to the core and get me up and running again. I like to visit Roel and can totally recommend him.

Maurice (43) from Amsterdam

Project developer

The sessions with Roel give me the necessary grounding and a boost in energy. Both which I sometimes tend to lose in my often hectic life style. Roels to the point questions and information he supplies me with give me access to the deeper layers. Every time I leave I feel calmer, lighter and with more energy.

By his open way of being and grounded and soft personality we always have a very open connection on a deeper level. I would rate Roels sessions with a A++.

Paris (28) from Amsterdam

Operations manager

Through ‘planting seeds’ and working with energy Roel has helped me learn to tune into my inner self. I feel reconnected, grounded and excited for the journey ahead. He coached me through some big life decisions and for the first time I feel I’ve made them with clarity, and without my head leading the way.

Roel creates a friendly and comfortable environment for the sessions. His coaching method is approachable and he was able to communicate exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, equipping me with the tools to go out into the world!

Julia (19) from Amsterdam

Medical student

Roel his guidance gave me a new chance to feel mentally well again. After a rough year I lost all my flow and had a little to no self-esteem anymore. Roel gave that back to me and helped me to find peace of mind again.

The sessions were very relaxed and I felt very at ease. In no time I felt better about myself and I know that I can benefit from what I learned for my whole life whenever I need it. Thanks Roel!

Petra (57) from Amsterdam

Real estate manager

After I already knew Roel for years as a great physio and meditation trainer, he also helped me a lot as coach. After I ended up in a severe diving accident in my holidays, my life was turned upside down. I suffered of post-traumatic stress and lost direction. With a few coaching sessions and energy treatments Roel helped me to get my life back on track quickly.

Roel knows, by listening very clearly, to get to the core of the issue quickly. Feels exactly where you get stuck and gives practical tips to avoid pitfalls. Roel brought back the feeling of having grip on my life again; being in control and able to let go a bit more and mainly that I may listen to my own wishes more and to follow my heart.

This helped me enormously! Thank you for that Roel, you are a fantastic coach!